by Urban Dogz

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This EP was recorded between January and June 2006, and remastered in May 2014.


released May 7, 2014

All tracks written by Peri Urban, Crimson Hue and Alan Melrose.

Crimson Hue - lead vocals.
Alan Melrose - lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals.
Peri Urban - bass, additional rhythm guitar on Better Than Love, backing vocals,
The Mystery Riddum Kings - drums and bass.




Peri Urban UK

Peri Urban – Producer Grand Poo Bah, EM progjazz.
aCtive – 1979 – nowish?
sEEn with – Orange Juice, Altered Images, Robert Rental, John Dyson, Loop Guru, Nicky Hind, Cloudland Blue Quartet.
Was wiTH – m.a.o., The Dancers of San Martino, Tranceport, Urban Dogz
wiSHes he was – Can, Zappa, Can, Tangerine Dream.
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Track Name: Torpedo
All day long on a raft of bones
Floating on the ocean in a temperate zone
Blood and fury and guns and pain
You thought you'd never see war again
There's a fire! There's a fire!
Beneath the water there's a burning man.
Down the wire, down the wire
The chief is screaming 'bout the burning man

Torpedo! Torpedo!
Fire in the water, what a way to go.
Torpedo! Torpedo!
Iron fish is swimmin'
Iron fish got murder in his eye..............

A storm last week nearly sunk this boat
poppin' rivets like corn, but we're still afloat
Torpedo is flying like a knife beneath the wave
Bulkheads warping to an early grave
I'm on fire! I'm on fire!
Ashes drifting in the burning foam
He's a liar! He's a liar
Told us all he would bring us home

Water is rising, lights go out
Blackness is coming and men scream and shout
Cry for your mother, cry to the sky
Take a last breath before you die
I'm burning! I'm drowning
Ain't hanging to what's left of me
I ain't seeing, I ain't breathing
I'm going to the deep
Track Name: Dead Crew
My name is Davy Jones
I shoulda known better
Than to go to sea with a name like that
I shoulda told 'em
When I got the letter
If you make me go I'm gonna drown like a rat

Now I'm driftin'
Down deeper and deeper
I got fishes living in my dead man's hair
I feel the pressure
I see the Reaper
I see the dead, I see them everywhere

The Dead Crew coming for you
We're gonna spend eternity
In the sea

The Reaper raises his scythe
There's a hole
Where my brain should be
I can't believe I'm still alive

Down in the water
We got no air
We should be dead, but everything's l wrong
I tasted lead
The Reaper's there
Then I'm spitting bullets and the Reaper's gone!

I'm on the sea bed
My toes in the sand
Lookin' at my fallen battleship
My dead buddies
Begin to stand
We're all going on a dead man's destiny trip

Beneath the waves
The Kraken awakes
Our enemies got secrets they wanna keep
Tsunami breaks
Out of the grave
In the deep
I wanna sleep
Track Name: Better Than Love
Wanna take a bet
We ain’t seen nothing yet
Bombs and hurricanes
Waves and genocide
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

You wanna be a star
And live off caviar
Buy a fast guitar
But you won’t save the world
No, no, no, no

That ain’t the way it is
You ain’t no terrorist
The colour of your skin
Well it ain’t the road to sin
No, no, no, no

And they don’t give a fuck
About your bad luck
Now you’re banged up
They’ve thrown the key away
Hey, hey, hey, hey

Rock and roll music
Money and fashion
Big car, good girl, long legs
Drugs and whisky HD TV
They’re all better than love

The oil’s running out
The wound in your side
Drippin’ away
There’s money in the sand
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

No wonder they all hate us
No wonder we won’t understand
No, no, no, no