Sugar Junkie

by Crimson Hue



This album was recorded between April 2004 and March 2005. Remastered April 2014.


released April 27, 2014

Crimson Hue - vocals.
Peri Urban - stringed instruments, keyboards.
Davie Robinson - bass, keyboards.
James Brodie - drums, samples and percussion.
Largy Baan - backing vocals.




Peri Urban UK

Peri Urban – Producer Grand Poo Bah, EM progjazz.
aCtive – 1979 – nowish?
sEEn with – Orange Juice, Altered Images, Robert Rental, John Dyson, Loop Guru, Nicky Hind, Cloudland Blue Quartet.
Was wiTH – m.a.o., The Dancers of San Martino, Tranceport, Urban Dogz
wiSHes he was – Can, Zappa, Can, Tangerine Dream.
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Track Name: The Trouble With Days
That's the trouble with sunshine
Always on the move
That's the trouble with sunshine
Never into the groove

That's the trouble with grey days
They always come back
Turnin' everything black
Turnin' everything black

Into every life
A little rain must fall
But it's not your fault
It' the trouble with days
And into every head
Some ugly thoughts must form
But it's not your fault
If it all goes wrong
It’s the trouble with days

What’s the weather today?
No-one can say
Track Name: Insulin
Sweetness, you make me blue
Sugar, I’m hooked on you
Honey, from a honey bee
Money, comes from the money tree
Strange, how no-one else can see
We’re deranged, it’s very clear to me

Waiting, for the penny to drop
Choking, in a candy shop
I was only eight years old
Dip my fingers in the pot of gold
Run around the corner, down the lane
Been here before and I’ll be back again

Junkies, that’s what we are
Flunkies, presidents and movie stars (it doesn’t matter)
You can take your medicine
Won’t save you from the mess you’re in
You’re gonna spend your life
Trying to get thin
It’s got something to do with insulin
Track Name: Diamond Rose
There’s no hope for me because
I’m not the man I thought I was
I’m a fool, driven by lust
Break my heart, you won’t be the first
I’m fat and I’m forty five
All fucked up but I’m still alive
Snore like a bear, live in a dream
Shut that door and pass the Vaseline
I had a good life, takin’ them calls
I gave it all up for a kick in the balls
She was gonna rescue me
Now she won’t let me leave

She’s my baby, got a gun
She’s my baby, drivin’ a car
She’s my baby, speakin’ in tongues
She’s my baby, like a movie star
Her mama won’t even look at me
Too busy watchin Russian TV
The baby is screaming all day long
We ain’t speakin’, and it’s all gone wrong

She’s getting’ colder by the minute
I’m feelin’ it

All I gotta do is get my papers back,
And get myself back to the good old home country
That’s all I gotta do.

Deep in my heart, the winter is kickin’ in

I bought her all those fancy clothes
I even bought her a diamond rose
She fixed my teeth
And then she went out and bought me a funeral wreath
I’m gonna skip town
Just as soon as I can talk me an airplane down
Gotta leave this place behind
Before I go right out of my tiny mind
Track Name: Birthday Card
One thing I’ve learned
Nothing is what it seems
Loveliness can burn
Beauty can be obscene
Every paving stone is a trap door
Every shadow harbours the beast
You have to take less when you really want more
You can be obtuse, but you can’t be oblique

Everybody is listening
So listen close to me
Every body is listening
But are they listening to me?

Saw my lover’s portrait in the fire
Saw her likeness turn to smoke
Hands in her pockets, I was eaten by desire
Sick and tired of the same old joke

Why can’t we keep quiet?
Why can’t we settle down?
Every crowd on the street is a riot
Hung, drawn and quartered, sold by the pound
The government have been taping you
You’re in the party, so it’s not so bad
Don’t be oppressed, don’t be blue
They’re sending you a birthday card
Track Name: Walkin' Shoes
Democracy ain't for you
Democracy ain't for me
They're watching everything we do
There ain't nothin' they can't see

The freedoms that they take
And the chains they make you buy
The whole damned thing's a fake
They got angels in the sky

When it comes to taking your cash
They put hole right in the wall
They got a way to manage your stash
To make sure they take it all

You vote for a guy you don't know
Who believes in things you don't
You saw him once on a tv show
He wants you to love him but you won't
Don't speak up too loud
You just might get a disease
Be humble, don't be proud
In fact, just get on your knees

You got an ass to kiss
If you wanna get success
An opportunity you can't miss
A golden chance to impress

Way back in days of yore
Democracy sure was great
You couldn't go from shore to shore
There wasn't time to participate

Now they make the news
Before it's even here
We all got walkin' shoes
There's nothing we need fear

If they wanted to mobilise
The vote there is a way
But it's no surprise
They ain't givin' the secret away

The boss don't want you free
He don't want you in command
He stands behind the stage of democracy
With puppet strings in his hand

He's got stuff he wants to sell ya
Got a good deal in taiwan
He's only too happy to tell ya
What's big this year in japan

He wants to keep you happy
Fat and full of joy
Better get your wallet out snappy
You can't take it with you, boy

Some days you feel so bad
You're tired of all this stuff
With everything you've ever had
Did you ever have enough?

You gotta right to live without fear
'Cos life is sweet and short
The path you gotta take is very near
All you do is follow your feet

We all got walkin' shoes
Track Name: The End Of It All (Purple Shirt)
I get up in the morning
I go to work
I hate myself
My boss is a jerk
I'm 44 years old
Still diggin' the dirt
For a pot of gold
And a purple shirt

I heard a song about the end of it all
I heard the President say, "Let's have a ball, before the fall."

I'm decadent
I'm soft like cheese
My anger spent
I'm on my knees
Danish blue
I love the paraphernalia
What's a red blooded boy supposed to do?

I'm hummin' this little tune
Entirely of my own devisin’
Here comes that big buffoon
Straddling the horizon
He's got a rocket in his pocket
And game boy in his hand
He's really gonna sockit to ya
Right here in your home land
Track Name: Small Dog
You got me runnin' around, runnin' up and down.

A small dog doesn't realise it's a small dog
'Cos they don't deal in size
In it's own mind
Each dog is big as any other
It's the way they're designed.

Imagine a dog who knew he was smaller than the rest
What would he do?
Would he still chase the swan for miles on the sand
Knowing it might never land?
Track Name: Light Years
Half a dozen light years from here
There is a place
Where no-one lives in fear
No-one is disgraced

Fluffy clouds and angel wings
Demons far below
Children circle, Crosby sings
"Footprints in the snow"

Everyone you've ever known
A million years away
You are never going home
You're here to stay
Just around the corner in your mind
There is a place
Where no-one knows your name
No-one knows your face
For some of us it's hell
For some it's paradise