by Peri Urban



Recorded between March 2013 and September 2014.


Jack Awry is an inter-dimensional energy being who drifts amongst the stars of our galaxy hoping to encounter planets harbouring intelligent life, through which he seeks to experience corporeal existence.

In order to achieve this, Jack inhabits what he refers to as a "vehicle", being a single individual of the most intelligent species on the planet. Millions of years may pass between Jack's occupations of a vehicle, so he has plenty of time to think about his discoveries as he drifts.

Upon encountering Earth Jack decides that a child will be his vehicle, and he picks Zoe, a ten year old girl from the Scottish Hebrides, a rugged and beautiful island chain strung out along the north western fringes of Europe.

Jack's vehicles do not age for the duration of his stay, and he is able to communicate wonders to them. So Zoe is seen by all around her as a kind of miracle child. Jack is used to this kind of reaction, and uses the opportunity to spread his message of universal love through Zoe. This is in reality Jack's primary mission.

Jack helps the human race understand that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one conciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, because life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.

He teaches us that time and space are illusions, arising as a result of the concious perspective of intelligence. He shows us how the trees see humanity as a kind of smoky coloured blur, and the chainsaw as something like a deadly virus.

Whilst occupying Zoe's body Jack is bound by her physical limitations, and so many people disbelieve what Zoe tells them about Jack. He cannot manifest himself, because he has no body of his own. The disbelievers think that Zoe's apparent immortality is some kind of illuminati trick to make the people compliant. Zoe is even incarcerated for seventeen years as the governments of the world attempt to explain her lack of ageing, and through her to quiz Jack on topics as diverse as cosmology and laser weaponry.

Eventually, after nearly a thousand of our years, Jack realises that he has done all he can to help humanity, and that the rest is up to them. He must leave Zoe to live out her life.

When Jack leaves her body he is suddenly subject to "the drift", the pull of the quantum background radiation, which relative to the movement of Earth is quite still. This is the substrate that gives Jack his life and he is tied to it. He can only move within it very slowly and with great effort. He describes it as being a little bit like sailing a boat on water.

To those watching from Earth Jack appears as a huge glowing form in the southern sky, as all the energy he has accumulated from his life with Zoe is released. Jack drifts away from the Earth at 390 kilometres per second, and as the energy fades he is lost to sight.

But having seen Jack himself for the first time, the people of Earth are united in recognising the reality of the message of love he brought through Zoe.

For her part, Zoe spends the rest of her life writing down everything that she and Jack talked about, and she becomes an important leader, helping humanity make its journey towards enlightenment.


released September 6, 2014

All tracks written and produced by Peri Urban.

Peri Urban - all instruments, voices and words, except Rodney Vanworth (Hellorodney) additional voice on S.D. McColicast.First Man on Mars; Lily Urban piano on organic.machinus and the flowers.the flood.




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