Blue Red Black

by The Urban Quartet



This album was recorded in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

All of the tracks were composed for short films by local directors.

Music To My Eyes (dir Joseph Bell) features the Urban Quartet -
David Frame - trombone,
Angus McCurrach - drums,
David Reilly - bass
Peri Urban - electric double bass and acoustic guitar.

The film explores the idea of applying the standard multi-track audio recording technique to video, so that the relationship between the music and the visuals is 100% authentic. The performances you see were improvised and recorded to audio as they were filmed, then assembled later using layering techniques unique to the project. No live ensemble performance ever took place. The drums were recorded first and provided the basic rhythm track, with the key for the ambient sections being provided by a single sustained chord.

Baby Lazarus (dir Joseph Bell) was a documentary about the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Children's Hospital in New Hampshire. The music was prepared from a 78rpm record made by my wife's uncle. It was a recording of the Dumbarton EU Church ladies choir dating from the 1960's. The piece is an arrangement of a song called Ca' The Yowes To The Knowes written/collected by Robert Burns in 1787. The record was played at 45rpm and then processed to get the result you hear. The film won the Scottish Students on Film Best Film award in Dundee in 2002.

Halloween (dir Morna Findlay) documented the activities at Halloween in the Edinburgh Colonies. The music also appears in a slightly different guise on my album Dark Ages.

The Honest Men (dir Andrew Niven) is a re-telling of MacBeth from the point of view of a paparazzi who isn't going to let the truth get in the way of a good story. The music was prepared from samples of the MacBeth opera by Verdi. The samples were treated to make them sound as much like a Mellotron as possible.

Forgotten Toys (dir Andrew Niven) tells the story of a grieving couple who attempt to recover their marriage by retreating to an idyllic country house. The music was all played on violin and electric double bass and then heavily processed. The film contains additional music that has since been lost. The film won an award at the 41st Golden Knights International Film Festival in Malta.


released April 21, 2014

All music by Peri Urban.

Recorded and produced by Peri Urban in Edinburgh and East Lothian.




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